Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a vibrant and welcoming community of faith located in Anderson, OH and is a congregation of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.



1950 Nagel Road

Cincinnati, OH 45255



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October 23, 2019

I enjoy Bible study because in conversation we hear and can adhere to others’ experiences of Jesus and grow our “spectrum” or our understanding of God.  I think most Christians would agree with me this far.  But I also believe that each of the world religions see a col...

When I was in first grade, Ben Wells was my best friend. His family and mine lived in identical duplexes next to each other on an Air Force base in Plattsburgh, New York. At the northern end of the state, Plattsburgh had long, cool summer evenings and loads of snow in...

July 8, 2019

First off, I must thank the LCR family for the love and support these many years that we have all been praying for my mother, Barbara Vance. It has become a familiar name in the prayers of our church. My mother, Barbara Vance, joined the Church Triumphant on May 18. We...

Becky Fleischer was a member of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection for over thirty years.  She maintained a special relationship with three pastors – Streng, Zorn, and Kelly – and with many members of the congregation throughout that time.  Several months before her d...

May 20, 2019

At its meeting on March 24, LCR’s church council considered a program called Reconciling in Christ (“RIC”).  Specifically, the church council discussed whether to seek designation and qualification as a RIC congregation. 

RIC is an ELCA program for Lutheran communi...