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ALL are welcome in this place.

God loves you unconditionally, and so do we. 

We can't wait to get to know you better!  

Join us at any of our in-person worship services: 

Saturday - 5:30pm    

Sunday 8am*  &  Sunday 9:30 am

*Our Sunday 8am worship service is now held outdoors, weather permitting

We livestream our Sunday at 9:30 service via Facebook Live 

Click HERE to join the Facebook Live worship service.


Vacation Bible School

MAY 31 - JUNE 3    9:15am-12:15pm
Campers who are entering Kindergarten Fall 2022 to those entering 6th grade Fall 2022. Everyone is welcome. We love having friends, neighbors, grandchildren, nieces and nephews! If you have kiddos in your life that would enjoy it, sign up today :)

Follow this link to register campers: VBS Camper Registration 2022

We also need lots of adult and youth volunteers! Youth entering 6th Grade Fall 2022 (6th graders have the option of being volunteers or campers, depending on what is best for their interest and maturity) through adults are welcome to register as volunteers. We'd love, love, LOVE to have you!!!

Follow this link to register volunteers: VBS Volunteer Registration 2022

This is Christ's church.
There is a place for you here.

We welcome all people created in the image of God, Creator of the universe inclusive of:

     race, culture, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression;

     relationship or social status; abilities or disabilities;

     outcast or stranger; typical or atypical skills;

     how the world describes you or you describe yourself.

We invite those sure in who they are, those still seeking and those looking for a church that believes in a loving, non-judgmental, safe, inclusive, grace-filled God and a beloved community that reflects those values.

Because God loves us unconditionally, we share our Christian love through acceptance, inclusion and understanding. We welcome you to share yourself, your time and talents with the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, a part of God’s universal Church. God made each of us unique and we share our diversity here.

ALL are welcome in this place.

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is located to the east of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio in Anderson Township.  We are an open and welcoming community of faith. Our members come from a wide variety of faith backgrounds.  We share the common commitment of expressing the love and grace of God through acceptance, forgiveness and understanding.

Be Part of a Community