God calls each of us by name. Christ's church is not ours alone.  We are empowered to be open and accessible, doing God's work of restoring and reconciling others is a diverse and sometimes complex world.


We strive to be a vibrant, benevolent congregation that serves God’s creation both locally and globally. A congregation that offers meaningful and inspirational ministries and worship for all ages that honor and praise God while maintaining the feel of an intimate family in Christ.

Also, a congregation that provides opportunities for all to be involved in ministries and programs that foster the development of gifts in all people needed to sustain and expand God’s mission.

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection was formed as a mission church in 1971. At the time of our founding there were three core values that made our congregation unique:

We are a covenant based congregation.

Our covenant is a solemn agreement between the members of our church to act together in harmony. Our member-written covenant is reaffirmed each year as a statement of our unified beliefs. This means that all of our members sign the covenant as a conscious statement of belief and commitment to discipleship through the ministries of the church. The covenant is available for signing during Advent of each year and for new members when they join our congregation.

Read our covenant


Diverse Worship Styles and Ministries.

We offer traditional, contemporary, contemplative, praise and spoken-word forms of worship. Our Ministries are also diverse – programs for all ages of our congregation and outreach to others in our local community, country and international partnerships.



We welcome all to fellowship and worship. As long as you believe that Jesus is the risen Christ and have been baptized, you are welcome to receive communion. We follow the beliefs and structure of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.