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Dear Earth,

We’ve spent 73 years together. I have been blessed to see your oceans, deserts, hills, plains, hollers, swamps, mountains, lakes, forests, skies and creatures.

You have filled my life with beauty, you have fed me, you have provided a home, you have provided materials for covering my body and materials for warmth.

You have inspired others in their writing and art. Many writers have given you human characteristics, other writers have used you for drama or tranquility. Artists have painted your beauty for all to see. 

My concern and sorrow is most of us have abused you. We have taken you for granted. We have polluted the oceans, we release toxic gases, we do not protect all creatures.

Without you, there would be no happiness, no beauty and no home.

It is unlikely I can ever repay you. I am committed to working to do everything I can to protect you. We will protect your creatures, recycle our resources and educate others and the next generation.

Thank you for the blessings you have given me.

- Steve Jones


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