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Dry Bones Live!

Stewardship 2023

As we come back together after many seasons apart, we invite you to: 


Reconnect with our LCR family,


Renew your commitment to our ministries, and


Reimagine how we can make a difference in our local, national and international communities.

Share your spiritual gifts

The pandemic may have sparked a Great Resignation, but we think of this time as a Great Renewal, an invitation to reconnect and re-engage with our LCR family. Volunteers are the beating heart of our work in the world, and our work isn't possible without them, without you.


We need your unique gifts to breathe continued life into our ministries.

We invite you to invest in our shared vision of a vibrant future, to take this opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery over the next four weeks.

As we enter this season of stewardship together, we ask these things of you:


  • Reflect on your wonderful, God-given gifts. How are you uniquely gifted?

  • Learn more about our LCR ministries.

  • Pray & listen to where God is calling you. What kind of service would bring you joy and fulfill a need?

  • Respond to the call and share your unique gifts.

  • Celebrate the diverse, vital gifts our LCR members share as the Body of Christ.

Ready to get started?

Fill out a spiritual gifts survey to share your time and talent. If you need more information, download our LCR Ministries Guide (PDF). Or fill out the 2023 Estimation of Giving to share your plans for financial support in the coming year.


Learn about our ministries

We have a host of spirit-led ministries at LCR that are making a difference in our local community and around the world.


Our ministry leaders are ready to welcome you and your gifts, whether you love to feed hungry people, rebuild after disasters, make music, advocate for those in need, teach Sunday school, tend to our grounds or nearly anything else you can imagine.

Download our LCR Ministries Guide (PDF)

Learn how our ministries share God's love with the world:

September 19 - October 10

Read and reflect on weekly email devotionals featuring personal witness statements on why we volunteer.

Saturday & Sunday, September 17 - 18 

During our worship services, we'll kick off stewardship season with a special worship liturgy and sermon.

We invite you to spend the next month prayerfully reflecting on your gifts and what you'd like to share.

Saturday & Sunday, September 24 - 25 

During our worship services, members of our Stewardship Committee will share Temple Talks. 


Saturday & Sunday, October 1 - 2 

Following our worship services, stop by our Ministry Fair in the Fellowship Hall to speak with ministry leaders and learn more about what our teams do.


Saturday & Sunday, October 8 - 9

During our worship services, we'll screen a special video that highlights the variety and vibrancy of our ministries.

Saturday & Sunday, October 15 - 16

During our worship services, we'll bless our offerings of spiritual and financial gifts.