• Kaley McCarty

A Place At The Table - A Hunger Devotion

Growing up, we think of sitting at the table as a place to receive nourishment or essentially food. The table is also a place to play games with your siblings, do homework, have a conversation with your mom, invite friends in for dinner or during Christmas, decorate cookies. We are all welcome at this table and always have a chair open for whoever would like to join in. There is another table that we all have a place at. It is God’s table. When we think about God’s table, I know that it is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you seem whether you are a male or female, what color you are or how rich and poor you are. We are all deserving of the same amount of love and we all have a chair to sit in. We are fed with love, hope and faith. We are fed love by God’s love for us and allowing us to have a beautiful place to live on this earth. Hope is given to us by trusting God and allowing him to lead us to a good and happy place in life. Faith is fed to us by expressing our way of life, Jesus gave his life for our faith. I have been going to church since I was a little girl. I was baptized when I was three at Friendship Lutheran Church. It was a small congregation and was very welcoming. We all had a place at the “table” and I never questioned where I belonged. I was fed by receiving love from everyone that went to Friendship and welcomed me when I didn’t know I was being welcomed. Everyone at the church felt like they had a place at the table and since we all have a place then all of us felt closer together. Once Friendship Lutheran Church closed, I started coming to LCR. I was immediately welcomed. My place at the table has given me many opportunities. Youth Quake, Catechism, Confirmation, Sunday School, and recently, ELCA National Youth Gathering in Houston, just to name a few. Welcome to the “table” and may your “chair” continue to feed you every day.

About the Author: Kaley McCarty is a 10th grader. She is a member of LCR and attends church with her sister and brother and her grandmother.

About LCR: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a vibrant and welcoming community of faith and a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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