SEPTEMBER 8 | -5 p.m.

Cintas Center



The Cincinnati Festival of Faiths is organized by The Bridges of Faith Trialogue.  The Trialogue is a non-partisan civic organization founded upon interfaith dialogue that works to develop educational and community service programming to foster greater understanding, respect, compassion, inclusion and engagement for all people and faith communities in Cincinnati and beyond. Its programs and activities are informed by an ongoing conversation among Cincinnati civic leaders of diverse faith traditions. 

The 2019 Cincinnati Festival of Faiths will showcase Cincinnati’s religious diversity, its contributions to our community’s quality of life, further develop our community’s exemplary interfaith relations and collaboration, and continue to build and enhance interfaith unity.



Festival attendees are invited to participate in Compassionate Conversations.  These facilitated conversations model civil discourse and authentic interfaith dialogue. In 20 minute increments, participants will engage in conversations that allow for meaningful engagement, sharing personal experiences and viewpoints and tackling challenging contemporary issues.  Compassionate Conversations topics include addiction, immigration/refugees, civility, racism, and hunger/poverty. 



Clergy and Lay Person Volunteers are needed to staff our booth at the event. If you are passionate about sharing more about our faith community, Lutheranism and the ELCA with folks from around the city and if you are interested in engaging in conversation and bridge-building with our brother and sisters from other faith tradistions please consider volunteering for this event.