World Hunger Appeal


The Road That Leads to Life

“For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” – Matthew 7:14

After months of prayer and preparation, our Hunger Task Force is excited to introduce our theme for the 2021 hunger emphasis, The Road That Leads To Life.  Our theme text, found within the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel, reminds us that the life of faith is challenging amid many distractions, false prophets, and idols that want to turn us in ways that may seem attractive (for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction).  Jesus calls us to the narrow way, the road that is hard, the way that leads to life.

The application of this text to temporal life is rather clear; life requires food and adequate nutrition, but we are well aware that in our world, there are many who are food insecure.  For many people, the road is hard!  It is the culture of our congregation to recognize that life is hard and to make the way easier that leads to life without hunger.


This year, while recognizing that we have so many great activities going on in the fall related to our Jubilee year, we have decided to make the hunger appeal longer, but low key.  Rather than having our emphasis in the month of November, we will hold it in October and November, but many of the components of the appeal can be done by our families on their own.


Look for our road sign (thank you Chuck Farmer for assisting in fabricating the sign!) in the Narthex beginning on October 4.  It will have much of the information that you will need during the appeal such as educational and volunteer opportunities.  We will update it each week, and given the restrictions from Covid-19, we will try to communicate the information digitally as well.  We’ll place footprints on the floor to track giving to the appeal in $1,000 increments.  While we are not setting a financial goal for the appeal this year because our congregation has been so benevolent to so many appeals in the past 18 months, we do hope to lay many footprints from the front door entry to the doors of the sanctuary.  Hunger envelopes have been placed in all church mailboxes and you are invited to give electronically through the LCR website or,  if you would like.  We do have a button for world hunger on our electronic giving page.

Here are the components of our hunger emphasis for 2021:

*Mondays, beginning October 4 and running through November 15, we will send our email hunger devotions written by members of our Hunger Task Force and some of our partners in hunger ministry.  Please read the devotions and hold the thoughts in your prayer.

*In our adult Sunday School classes, we will have hunger speakers on October 3, 10, and 17.

*On October 24 we will hold a Bread for the World offering of letters (hard copy and digitally) and our annual bread sale.  Make a loaf, buy a loaf, and/or purchase a loaf from our sale to support our efforts.

*We will have an activity passport for all youth.  They will have the opportunity to have nine boxes stamped to participate in our hunger appeal and earn a prize.  The passport will be placed in mailboxes or can be sent digitally from the church office.  Amy Altenau will be our “Stamp Queen.”  Have your children see her as they complete the activities.  Some of the activities will be volunteer activities for adults, families and children. 

*On the weekend of October 16/17, we will distribute food boxes for collection of items that will be donated to our hunger partner ministries.  This has been a fun activity for families in past years. This year, we are integrating a digital component so that members and friends of LCR who join us on our livestream and through the digital church can contribute by using Amazon or Kroger ClickList.  Submit your tickets to participate in the drawing for a fun prize!

*On November 20/21 weekend, we will have our annual hunger liturgy and worship service to culminate and celebrate our appeal.


Over the years, we have established a culture of concern about confronting world hunger.  We anticipate that you will enjoy this year’s hunger emphasis and participate in as many ways as you are able.  Let’s all walk the road that leads to life, let’s walk the road to ending hunger!

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How can you help?

Join in our learning opportunities.  There is something here for everyone. 


Devotions & Prayers

We invite you to join with us as we join Lutherans and our brothers in sisters around the world in prayer and a time of remembrance for those who are hungry. Below you will find links to download weekly devotionals written by members of our congregation as well as a sample prayer for your possible use. 

Weekly Devotionals

Week 1 - Angie McKenzie - Last Mile Food Rescue

Week 2 - Joe Abbott

Week 3 - Dixie Hawthorne - Meigs County 

Week 4 - Rita Doppenberg

Week 5 - Alida Hart - IPM

Week 6 - Jolie Prasser

Week 7 - Jim Michaelis

Sample Prayers

1. Look with mercy, gracious God, upon people everywhere who live with injustice, terror, disease, and death as their constant companions. Rouse me from my complacency and help me to eliminate cruelty wherever it is found. Strengthen me and all those who seek equality for all. Granth that everyone may enjoy a fair portion of the abundance of the earth; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

2. Good and gracious God, in the busyness of my days, help me to not turn away from my neighbors in need. Grant me the courage to stand with them, let my voice join with theirs, and let my actions reflect the example I have in your Son, Jesus, in whose name I pray. Amen.

Need a copy of Evangelical Lutheran Worship? Check out the online version here!


Hunger Partners & Events


           We are partnering with LMFR during our world hunger emphasis this year to offer the congregation a simple volunteer opportunity.  By downloading the app with a cell phone or tablet,(just go to the app store Last Mile Food Rescue Cincinnati), volunteers can, at their convenience, pick up food that is headed to the landfill from local supermarkets, restaurants, and other donor companies, and deliver it to food pantries and non-profits.  You might think of it as Uber for food delivery.  This might be an excellent, interactive learning experience for children.

            The Hunger Task Force is asking LCR families to download the app and volunteer as you are able.  We are going to record the number of pounds of food rescued by LCR families and post it on a thermometer in the Narthex to track our contribution.  Angie McKenzie has been volunteering with LMFR since last winter and has already rescued 3,714 pounds of food, so that is our starting point.  When you sign up on the app, write “LCR” after your name so that your contributions can be included in our congregational effort.  For example, type “Angie McKenzie LCR”.

            As Angie noted in her hunger devotion on Monday, food waste is a horrific reality in our nation of abundance.  It is estimated that there are 270,000 people living in the Cincinnati area who are food insecure.  We can find a niche in the “last mile” that redirects food from the landfill to the tables of our hungry neighbors.

            Did I hear somebody say, “10,000 pounds of food rescued by LCR families by the end of our hunger emphasis in November!”  Let’s have some fun and get to work LCR!  Please share your stories and testimonies with the church office if you decide to volunteer with LMFR.










Videos & Bible Readings

We invite you to watch the videos about our hunger partners and what they are doing to help end hunger.  We encourage you to find out what the Bible says about hunger.


Bible Readings

The Feeding of the 4,000 - Matthew 15:32-39

Be a Gleaner - Deuteronomy 24:19-21; 23:22

The judgment of the Nations - Matthew 25:25

Faith Without Works - James 2:15-17

The Parable of the Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37



Click the link below to give online. Your monetary donation to the Hunger Appeal will go directly to efforts to eliminate hunger in our local community and around the world.

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