Men's Monday Study Group:

This group meets every other Monday during the school year.  Materials used in the Men's Study Group are the studies of scripture and theology based on the commentary of contemporary scholars, with reflections by prominent theologians and practitioners.  The intention is the wrestling as a group and individuals with relevant issues for our time.

This fall, the men will be studying “We Make the Road by Walking” by Brian McLaren.  The class schedule is:

Sept. 12 pp. xxi-2 Preface, Seeking Aliveness,
     Alive in the Story of Creation

Sept. 26 pp. 3-6 Chapter 1
     pp. 7-10 Chapter 2
Oct. 10 pp. 11-14 Chapter 3
     pp. 15-18 Chapter 4
Oct.24 pp. 19-23 Chapter 5
     pp. 24-27 Chapter 6
Nov. 7 pp. 28-31 Chapter 7
     pp. 32-35 Chapter 8
Nov. 21 pp. 36-40 Chapter 9
     pp. 41-45 Chapter 10
Dec. 5 pp. 46-50 Chapter 11
     pp. 51-55 Chapter 12
Dec. 19 pp. 56-60 Chapter 13
     pp. 61 First Quarter Queries


You will need your Bible along with this book as most chapters start with reading scriptures.